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Before making a booking, please be sure to read the booking information (click on the 'Booking Information' button). To make a booking, please complete and submit this Online Booking Form. Alternatively, click on the 'Download Booking Form;' button for a PDF form which may be printed off and posted to us.

If you are submitting an online booking form to us, please note that you are able to print off a copy to keep for yourself. In addition, if you are paying by card and would prefer to send your card details separately or would prefer to phone us with your card details, please indicate this on the online form.

Tour Name
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Details needed for entry permits and other travel formalities (if giving details for two people please list them in the same order as at the beginning of the form)

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Couples should specify their room preference (i.e. Double = one large bed, Twin = two smaller beds). We cannot guarantee that your preference will be available. If you are traveling alone and would prefer to share a room (subject to a room-mate being available), you should answer 'Twin' to the room question. Please note that smokers may not smoke in the room unless the other occupant is also a smoker.

The deposit required is the amount specified in the tour description.

We strongly recommend that you obtain adequate travel insurance to ensure that you are covered against charges for unexpected cancellation, medical expenses, emergency evacuation, loss of luggage or money and personal liability claims. By signing this form you confirm that you have accepted responsibility for ensuring that all persons covered by this form will obtain adequate travel insurance, or that, if anyone covered by this form is unable or unwilling to obtain travel insurance, that they accept that they will be fully liable for any cancellation charges, or for any medical, evacuation or other expenses or losses.

By signing this form you certify that no person included in this form suffers from any disability which would prohibit full participation in the tour. (In addition, you must advise us if anyone suffers from a potentially serious medical condition.)

I have read and understood the tour description (including the detailed tour itinerary). I have also read, understood and accepted the booking conditions set out in the booking Information and confirm I am authorized to accept the conditions on behalf of all persons included in the booking.

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